About Us

A little background...

Created in 2007, VBS quickly developed as a service company in Panama City, whose rapid development and growth created the need for integrated business consulting services for all persons and/or companies who wish to explore the possibilities of operating in and from Panama.

Because of our international focus and personalized assistance, VBS gradually increased the services offered to attend specific needs related to market analysis and prospecting, as well as strategic and competitive intelligence services. Working closely with international trade promotion programs and agencies as well as individual companies, we have a diverse experience ranging from startup firms to assisting in the internationalizing of better-established enterprises.


Each of our team members brings to the table specialized knowledge covering different but complimentary areas such as: Project management, commercial intelligence, market strategy, market research, customer service, corporate image, international protocol, among others. This interdisciplinary mix offers our clients a broad range of services.

Beyond Borders

With complete fluency in English, Spanish, and Portuguese our team has traveled, worked, and lived in different countries providing unique insights and a broader view of the business practices in the North, Central and South American markets.

5 Star Service

Our philosophy promotes open communication with our clients and partners offering quality services and a high level of commitment to achieve their goals and expectations.

Meet Our Team

VBS is comprised of a team of young professionals with a diverse range of international market experience.

Interdisciplinary and fluent in various languages, our team maintains an excellent work ethic striving to continually update and train our focus areas. With each new team member we provide a broader range of services and bring about solid professional results.

Our Skills

Cross-functional disciplinary team
Global-Local “Glocal” Expertise
Carlos Soto

Competitive Intelligence Professional with 11+ years’ progressive expertise in Business Development, Global Economics, International Trade Promotion, Negotiation, and Startup Operations. A Proactive and performance-driven executive committed to managing operations and projects while contributing to revenue-producing activities.

Educational Background: Graduate Degree in Economics and Finance.

Skills: Keen understanding of business priorities with the ability to develop strategic long term partnerships and communicate effectively with all levels of decision makers, a genuine team player with excellent problem solving skills.

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese.

+(507) 6020.0615
Amanda Oliveira
Commercial Development Consultant

Accomplished, creative and energetic professional with diverse knowledge on generating and developing commercial development strategies. Vast experience in project implementation and management of organizational resources and goal setting, while building relationships across business units and functional areas. Excellent team player with strong organizational and project management skills.

Educational Background: Graduate Degree in Business Administration and Management Information Systems.

Skills: Possesses excellent interpersonal skills with ability to interact with people of all levels.

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French.

+ (507) 6020.0618
Alfredo Martinez
Logistics Business Consultant

Responsible for managing customer expectations and developing time and cost-effective information sourcing and analyzing, applying competitive intelligence.

Educational Background: Systems Engineer and Master in Computer Management With Emphasis in Computer Security.

Skills: Ability to adapt to the different needs of the organization, ensuring quality, efficiency and assuming a sense of belonging, to be able to make decisions strategically, correctly and at appropriate times.

Languages: Spanish.

+ (507) 6980.9791
Loren Arrieta
Human Resources Consultant

Responsible for maximizing the clients’ performance related to human resources by assisting them with strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs and best practices into their operations.

Educational Background: Graduate Degree in Human Resources and postgraduate degree in Labor Law.

Skills: Vast knowledge in all of the Human Resources subsystems. High capacity to integrate and perform within multidisciplinary teams. Proactive, methodical, organized and an autonomous decision maker. Creativity to generate comprehensive and innovative solutions, through available resources.

Languages: English, Spanish.

+ (507) 6980.9792