We aim to create business value through the strategic management
of the workforce

HRMAt VBS, we are capable of being your strategic partner and offer you HR services linked to the human resource lifecycle within your company. We cover areas from attraction and selection to development and retention, always taking into consideration your organizational climate/culture through onboarding, as well as the succession planning (opportunities for growth) and the compensation model offered.Throughout these areas, our HRM Services helps organizations and people work closer, cultivate faster and reach their goals. With customized advice and programs, we add value and reliance to your business, processes, community, and strategy. Together, we can build a strong and solid ground for your company so it can reach its full potential. No matter how big or small your business is.

Human Resource Strategic Management

One of the keys to achieving the goals set by organizations is that their management of human resources is aligned with the strategy that has been defined. To this end we support your company in the task of defining:
•The strategic plan and organizational model
•Redesign of organizational structures
•HR function dashboards
•Design and implementation of policies and management tools
•Skills catalogs based on business strategy
•Defining indicators and performance measures for areas and organizational levels

International Management of Human Capital

Large and small companies from all sectors improve competitiveness due to the experience acquired in internationalization; they need a clear strategy and knowledge to manage international human capital. At VBS our extensive experience in the field of international labor mobility allows us to provide the best advice on all matters, both organizational, legal and tax as well, related to expatriation.

Team Management and People Development

In VBS, we evaluate human resources policies, integrated teams, we define and manage communication, value and diagnose the work environment and also we plan the teams according to their size and competency profiles. In addition, we offer focused advice to management positions including the assessment of their skills, design development plans, staff training and critical analysis of current processes of attracting and retaining talent.