All About Project Management

What is the Project Management Methodology?

If a project has a beginning and an end, what is its life cycle and how is it managed? To be effective and workable, project methodologies should be appropriate to the task and the organization. For simple projects in a small organization, agreed milestones, a few checklists and someone to steer the project are all that are required. For complex projects in a large organization, a more structured approach is needed, to set up and approve the project, monitor and guides its progress, solve its problems, deliver the end product (or gain) and close it down. In order to understand the methodology we need to look at the project life cycle. The detailed life cycle will be dependent upon the size and type of organization and the size and type of the project. However, in outline they all have very similar elements.

So what does a Project Manager do?

Typically a project manager will be nominated to lead a project and will be expected to be fully accountable for meeting its objectives. The project manager will be the leader of the project team and will be responsible for ensuring the following are completed in a timely way:
• Gaining approval for the project aim and terms of reference
• Selecting and leading the team and setting individual objectives
• Ensuring a feasibility study is complete
• Ensuring that the project is planned in appropriate detail
• Allocating and monitoring the work and cost
• Motivating the team
• Reporting progress back to the organization
• Helping the team to solve project problems
• Achieve, through the team, the ultimate goals
• Reviewing and closing down